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Women, what a powerful word. We are awesome! I absolutely love being a woman. For me, being a woman is this powerful mix of soft, tough, calm, wild, sexy, and reserved. I’m a blend of varying emotions, wants, needs, and desires.  Most days, I feel like I can take over the world in sneakers or heels. I feel on top of my game, happy, confident, and free. It’s exhilarating. I’ve used all of these passionate words to describe being a woman and my fingers are flying across the keys. I’m filled with womanly passion but I must be honest, being a woman is hard at times.

Not a surprising statement right? of course being a woman is hard at times! I’m sure everyone regardless of their gender feels it is hard to be them at times. One of the beauties of life is we all feel something and that something varies from person to person. The something I feel as a woman hits me hard on some days and not in a good way. Like I said, some days I am high on life and feel amazing. Other days, I beat myself up with issues and concerns related to my roles in life. As women, we wear many hats. We are women, daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, etc etc. Each role comes with a sort of unofficial rulebook. In the rulebook, which can vary from person to person and city to city, we have rules we should live by. I feel as though women are sometimes put into boxes and labeled by our roles such as personal roles, career roles, age, etc etc. These roles are good in some ways and in other ways they are hurtful.  Often, it is women who put other women in these situations.

For me, I have many roles both personally and professionally. I’m overall a confident and creative person but lately, I’ve faced some situations, struggles, thoughts etc. that have left me with some dents and dings to my self-confidence and motivation both personally and professionally. Some of the struggles came from outside forces who tried to write my rulebook. Other struggles came from within. It is a delicate balance to please others and not displease ourselves and at times it can feel impossible.  It is also a delicate balance to have roles in life and not give up pieces of ourselves. Other times, we have to give up pieces of ourselves but we should never give up too much. yet again, another delicate balance.

As a woman, I love who I am but I do fight internal and outward battles with many happening inside my own mind daily. Even when I’m up and even when I’m down I still love being a woman. I have no shame when I say that being a woman in my eyes is amazing. I love the internal beauty, strength, and vulnerability of being a woman. The older I get the more I appreciate what it means to be a woman. The older I get the more I appreciate the softness and strength of a woman and the softness and strength of a man. To me, the balance of women and men is a beautiful thing.

My thoughts on the roles we have as women are complex yet straightforward in a sense. Put bluntly, I think we can be anything we want to be! We can be strong, sexy, confident, vulnerable and respected no matter what our role is. So often I feel trapped into little boxes where I think my roles as a woman or my age define me. Some of my internal thoughts vary into things like – can I do this and be respected at work? Can I wear this at my age? Can I say this or do that? Am I too old to wear a mini-skirt? I just read a blog post that said If I’m over 30 I shouldn’t be wearing miniskirts. What if I listened to all of the advice that was thrown around to women? Who knows what color my hair would be or if I would ever put on a skirt again. Often unneeded criticism happens woman to woman and is almost more hurtful because we should be lifting each other and not tearing each other down. Oh, how much easier would life be if we learned to stay in our own lanes sometimes.  Ladies, let’s lift each other up more often ok?

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