The Pictures Don’t Match the Woman

I like to keep things as real as possible on the blog without oversharing of course. it’s a weird thing to share real life while not oversharing. Where do we draw the line and not sound like whiners when we try to describe the not so great times? When it comes to sharing real life my goal was to put some reality back into blogging and social media.

Everything we see online seems to be curated and it often feels good to see the real side of people. I completely understand why social media and blogging requires a certain level of production. I used to enjoy the production part of blogging. the dress-up, the outfits, creating and having fun. I also used to enjoy the real side of blogging and the open and honest posts. Though Lately, I don’t enjoy blogging. Well actually, I haven’t enjoyed blogging for most of 2018.

I just don’t enjoy blogging like I once did. I don’t enjoy the process of creating posts and content. I don’t enjoy putting looks together or photographing the outfits like I once did. I don’t have one full explanation for what has squashed what I enjoy about blogging. I have a few reasons but I’m not sure I can fully explain them.

There was a time when the process of creating was fun and exciting. Blogging has in many ways taught me invaluable amounts of information but in other ways, it hasn’t been so helpful. Blogging has created a whole new set of problems that life just doesn’t need. Some of the reasons I don’t enjoy blogging center around the blogging industry and others are more personal in nature.

The happy pictures just don’t align with the woman or feelings these days. I’m in some kind of life tornado and I’m hoping to gather my thoughts, creativity, and myself soon. I don’t feel blogging accurately displays who I am as a person or woman anymore. Overall, I think I’m in a transition period or a place of change in life. I have a general sadness which I can’t fully explain.

I don’t feel like my happy hearted self as much as I used to. The feeling of sadness comes and goes. I’ve been dealing with it for months. I can’t explain it and I’m not going to give it a huge try. Perhaps it’s just time to move on, maybe it’s time for the hobby turned side job to end, maybe it’s an age thing, or maybe I should press pause for a bit.

I don’t know for sure. Why should I keep blogging if I don’t enjoy it? One part of me says to wait it out and see if can find enjoyment. I don’t think we should quit things just because they don’t feel fun anymore. Even though I don’t want to quit I have this feeling my enjoyment is not coming back. I can feel it.

I think I’m just in a time of change and growth as a person and woman. I’m riding these feelings out for now and taking them as they come. Maybe I’ve been working too much or maybe I need to relax more. I feel like I want to relax, work less, and enjoy life, and be present in the moment more. I feel as though I want off the ride but I can’t quit spinning. For now, I’m going to put some things on hold and press pause while I try to figure myself, blogging, and life out.

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I’m Regina, I’m an entrepreneur, writer, and sort of a blogger. I’m a lover of beautiful words, all things vintage, and of times gone by. I hope you find something you love on this little space.

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