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Occasionally, things get fancy. I’m overall a casual woman, who in her mind, wants to dress up every day. In my mind, if I had it my way, I’d dress like it was at a Red Carpet event every day of the week, except for Sunday, Sunday is comfy leggings day. While I think I want to get dressed up every day, the reality is I’d probably get tired of it real quick.  I’ll keep dreaming of all the glammed-out outfits I could wear though.

In the real world, my reality, my feet hurt when I wear heels. I also like to walk really fast and heels limit my ability to run everywhere I go. Don’t get me wrong, I have days where I dress-up and feel like a million bucks. For the most part though, I feel best when I’m wearing clothes that allow me to move freely.

If I’m tugging on my clothes, having to suck in my food belly (or just my regular belly ha!), or being restricted in my movements, my whole day can get ruined. I don’t care if that sounds ridiculous, it’s the truth. I want to look nice and be comfy at the same time. Plus, I’m terrible about giving myself enough time to get dressed. Casual and my real life day go hand-in-hand perfectly.

Occasionally, I need to get glammed up. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, I know I’m not spending much on the outfit. For the times when I do want to get dressed up, or if I have an event to attend, I look for good deals. I want something I know is going to compliment my curves, won’t break the bank, and allows me room to move freely. This dress fits all those wants and needs perfectly.

Lulus has very affordable and nicely made dresses to chose from. They offer both casual and formal options, all for a steal. This dress was amazing. I bought it for a formal event that ended up being canceled. I photographed it anyway just because I didn’t want it to go to waste. It hugged my curves, fit perfectly, and gave me room to move. A win-win.

Celestial Black and Silver Wrap Maxi Dress


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