Why I Switched to One Instagram Account

About two months ago I made the switch from running two Instagram accounts to now having only one account. I used to keep a blog account and a personal Instagram account. I’m going to be honest with you, it was miserable. Even more honest, I may have limited myself as an influencer and blogger by trying to maintain two accounts. If you are a social influencer, blogger, etc. then you are the brand. As werid as that sounds it’s true. You’re the brand so my best advice is to be you in one place. Here is the how and why of my decision to switch.

For me, having two accounts meant that I used my personal account for posts I personally liked. The personal account was more real and me. My personal account is a reflection of me as a person, my mood, my likes, my dislikes, bits of my life, family, and day to day routine. When Instagram stories became an option I found I was expressing myself more and more on my personal account. Even though I was expressing myself as a person I was barely mentioning blogging at all. I was afraid it would turn off the people who followed me. I had some sort of blogger complex.

The blog account was where I posted only things that related to blogging. It was as though I was two different people and the content reflected it. My personal account was authentic and my blog account was a dry mix of brands, products, and clearly ad related posts. Even though the feed was aesthetically pleasing it lacked something, it lacked real personality. It was just commercial in appearance. Eventually, I stopped posting and sort of went into a blogger hiding period. Things got weird for a while. It was like I was lost over something as silly as Instagram accounts. It was a weird time.

While all of this is silly sounding it is a real problem when you want your blog to be successful. When you want your blog to be successful you have to decide on things like photography, branding, social platforms, etc. Though they sound like silly decisions, they have to be made. So here I was socially weird and stagnant.

I ended up in a stagnant place because I couldn’t be one person in both places. One of the main struggles for me was my creativity didn’t work in two places. I’m sure how many Instagram accounts you maintain is different for everyone and probably especially different for the big bloggers with a large following. For me, it just didn’t work.

I finally decided to ditch my blogger complex and combine my Instagram accounts into one. I decided if my followers didn’t like it then I shouldn’t overly worry about it because blogging was part of me as a person. I still had to sort things out and it was still weird for a bit. I had to get used to talking about blogging on my personal account. I had to balance being myself while still representing brands professionally. I also had to plan content a bit more which can sometimes ruin the fun of spontaneous moments. All of my personal posts were spontaneous and now that I have brand-related material I have to think ahead a bit.

The upside of having one account is I get to be me in one place and I’m not stretching my creativity across two accounts. This means I’m more engaged with my following than before because I’m not trying to avoid double posting content or trying to engage on two accounts. Let’s be real, not many people have time for that. I feel I’m not limiting myself by stretching my creative flow to the max. This decision isn’t without flaw, it still feels weird to talk blogging on my personal account. We’ll see how it goes. Blogging and social influence changes by the day so who knows what could happen. I may just end up with two accounts again. For now, I’m content.

So about this outfit. I’m wearing a midi-dress for the first time ever with a photo to prove it. This is another one of those times when I thought my body shape couldn’t pull a look off (post here and here). I loved the dress and this is another look I’ll be loving for a while. The front-tie gives the dress a nice shape and I feel it compliments my curvy frame. I can’t link the exact dress because I bought it from a boutique but I’m linking some other midi-dresses I like below.

I paired the dress with layered rose gold necklaces, rose gold hoops. and a delicate rose gold bracelet c/o of Gold Casters Fine Jewelry in Bloomington. I love how the rose gold brings out the pink tones in the dress. Rose gold is probably my favorite tone to wear. I’m also currently enjoying layered necklaces and especially the bar look. No lie, I’ve worn bar necklaces on repeat for the last 5 days straight. I feel very feminine in dainty delicate layered jewelry. No shame here.

Jewelry Details

Jewelry c/o Gold Casters Fine Jewelry in Bloomington Indiana
14kt Rose Gold Diamon Openwork Station Necklace (retail $999)
14kt Rose Gold East to West Fashion Bar Necklace (retail $199)
14kt Rose Gold Classic High Polish Hoop Earrings (retail $199)


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