The Ups and Downs of Blogging

Blogs, blogs. blogs. Everyone has a blog these days. I’m a full supporter of anyone who wants to start a blog. Blogging is an excellent way to express yourself, create, have fun, and learn something new. While blogging is fun it does have it’s not so fun moments. In this post, I want to talk about the ups and downs of blogging.

Learn something new every day

Believe it or not, you can learn some really neat things from blogging (post here). Believe it or not, blogging isn’t all fun and games. I think there is a misconception that blogging is easy. Trust me blogging is not easy. Looking back now I can’t believe all the things I had to learn to start a blog. It is very easy to forget the amount of knowledge you learned once you’ve learned it. Basically, I think we sometimes forget the journey of learning something new.

When I first started blogging, I jumped in head first. There was tons to learn and it was fun and exciting. In the present day, the learning curve can get old real quick. There is always something new to learn in the blog world. The way to market your blog is always changing due to the way social media changes. Social media isn’t the only factor. The learning curve comes from all directions. As you grow your likes and dislikes change and that leads to changes involving blog design, the way you write posts, photography, etc. Some days I want to sit down and write a blog post but instead I’m fixing something in my theme or thinking out how I’m going to market the post. This seems silly but it’s work and of course, anything you want to grow requires some work.

I’ve said it in the past, I treat my blog like a job. These days, I still treat my blog like a job (post here) but let’s just say I’m working part-time now. ha! I had to cut back because I started to lose my interest in blogging. Well, to be honest, I got to the point that I didn’t want to blog. It became a job I didn’t want to go to.  Blogging can be a terrible mix of curated (post here), fake, real, and fun. Which leads me to my next thought.

Both fake and real

Blogging is a mix of fake and real. I’m not saying this to be mean, I’m saying this to be real. Blogging has to be a mix of real and fake because it’s impossible to think you can capture every photographed moment in real time. This especially applies when you’re working with brands.  Every brand has a set of expectations and you have to plan content to fit. So, this is how things become a mix of real and fake. For me, the curated part makes blogging, not as fun. I can’t fully explain it but it is what it is.

A few months back, I shifted my focus to putting my heart back into my blog. For me, that meant fewer brands and more real life (post here). My point was I wanted to make sure my blog felt like a space I enjoyed again. I enjoy writing from my heart so I have to keep things balanced or I won’t enjoy blogging. There are some bloggers who blog full-time and it is their only job and I’m sure they have down days. For me, my blog is not my full-time job so I have more wiggle room to adjust things to my taste. Point: I’m all about enjoying blogging.

The Comparison game

The comparison game is bound to happen. You know what I’m talking about. That moment when that icky thought pops in your head. That icky thought that leaves you comparing yourself to some other blogger. Stop thinking like that, you have to or you’ll squash your own growth. You’ll squash all the joy from your blog. It is so easy to fall into a comparison game when everything about blogging centers around numbers.

Forget the numbers for a bit. Why? I’m going to be harsh for a bit here. When you’re looking at another bloggers numbers, you have no idea if those numbers are real. It’s the sad truth. You could be comparing yourself to someone who purchased their following. What a waste of time! Just do you, create content you’re proud of, and do your best to market it. That is all you can do. Just don’t waste your time comparing yourself to someone else. Instead, find what makes you happy with your blog and get to it.

This post could go on forever so I’m going to stop here. Lastly, I’m all about easy outfits. How much easier does it get than an LBD and a duster. I like to keep pieces like this cheap and here are my favorites.


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