The Little Red Dress

I don’t play with color a ton in my wardrobe and my style doesn’t usually vary a ton. I don’t usually wear bright colors and I love the color black. I always feel so confident in an all-black outfit. I have a bit of an obsession with dark colors and I also love a great little black dress. Well, times have changed people, in steps the little red dress. I’ve been on a red kick for a few weeks and I love it. I almost never wear red because I’m fair skinned and I usually don’t have a tan. I always felt like my skin tone and red just didn’t mix. What a ridiculous thought process.

Over the years I’ve had some silly thoughts concerning fashion. I used to think I couldn’t wear off-the-shoulder tops. My shoulders are narrow and my hips are wide, I’m pear-shaped. I used to think because I had a narrow frame and small upper arms I couldn’t wear sleeveless and off-the-shoulder tops. Wow, just wow. I ditched that crazy thought process last summer and my shoulders are soaking up the sun.

I’ve also ditched the pale skin and no red nonsense and I’m loving vibrant red tones. I feel sorta sassy when I’m wearing red and l love it. My best advice for any woman is to wear what you want. Of course, certain styles flatter our shapes in certain ways but never think you can’t wear something due to your body shape.

Work it. Own. It. Be it. Don’t limit yourself ever. Sometimes we are our own worst critics. We’re all guilty of it but let’s work to turn that off. Rock whatever you want in full confidence. Don’t limit yourself in fashion or anything else for that matter. Be strong, be confident, be brave, wear red, bare your shoulders, feel sassy.

Little Red Dress

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