The Best Black Denim

Let’s get something out real quick. I believe leggings are pants. There I said it *sigh of relief*.  I have no reason to be ashamed. I live in a town where everyone wears athletic gear all day every day. Imagine a town where everyone is going to the gym 7 days a week. That describes my town. In fact, I stand out when I’m dressed up. I’m not complaining though! I have no problem rocking athletic gear and leggings daily. Leggings are a great way to hide an all pizza weekend. are you with me?

I love being casual but I also love to dress up a bit. It has to be a balance for me. I don’t want to be uncomfortable but I want to wear heels or carry a nice bag. I feel so polished when I put on a pair of heels or carry a great bag. I usually let my bag or my shoes be the standout piece of my outfit because that is easy for me. It’s an easy way for me to be versatile and polished because shoes and bags are what I invest the most in. I know people hate the term “invest” but when you can get sometimes years worth of outfits from an item – that is what I call an investment folks (check out my thoughts on investment pieces here).

For me, jeans and a casual tee are an all-time favorite of mine for tons of reasons. It’s easy, I don’t have to fuss over wrinkles, I can easily layer when I’m cold, I don’t need a tan (bonus points), and I can wear almost every bag or pair of shoes I own. I also won’t look overdressed no matter where I go. It’s just easy and that makes me happy. The only problem I face with jeans and tee outfits usually comes down to denim and the fit.

I have numerous issues with denim. I’m tall so it’s hard to nail the ankle look. I’m curvy, so forget finding a pair that fits right. Sometimes though, denim bliss happens and when it does it is amazing and I buy two pairs. I bought these Paige jeans through Trunk Club and it has been the best purchase of the year (and maybe next). They are simply perfect. They have a nice stretchy feeling but aren’t leggings. They don’t stretch out but stretch just enough. They hit my ankle perfectly and look great with all my shoes. Pinch me. They are a tiny bit pricey (if you don’t want to pay over $100 for jeans) but honestly, I’d rather pay for one great pair that lasts a long time than a couple crappy pairs. These jeans are perfect for dressing up or you can wear them casual. Just know, your butt will look great and they will be your new favorite pair.

Side note, I planned a white tee look but I got Thai food spilled on me at work (I ordered Moe’s and somehow ended up with a Thai food soaked bag). I had this grey tee in my bag because I had planned to wear it earlier in the week for a workout but didn’t change into it. I never carry extra clothes so you can guess I was happy to have it on hand. My point, photos don’t tell the whole story. In this visual and socially perfect world, just know, the photo is only part of the story. Keeping it real as best I can.

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