Snow Day

Restyle from Summer including how I style my outfit posts
Restyle from Summer including how I style my outfit posts
Restyle from Summer including how I style my outfit posts

Each winter I say things like “I hate snow”, “why is it so freaking cold outside?”, and “the air hurts my face”. Of course, I know Winter is supposed to be cold but it makes me feel better to be grumpy about the misery of being cold. Even though I complain, I love the first snow. I look forward to the first snow with child-like excitement. The first snow is just so pretty! I don’t know about you, but I love to stay young at heart. I don’t want to ever think I am too old to play in the snow. What about you?

During this shoot, we looked outside and realized it was snowing. My photographer and I looked at each other and we both were like – Yeah! We have to go outside! So that is what we did. We played in the snow and got super cold. All for the blog. Seriously though, there is something so refreshing about being spontaneous and having fun. Or having a great big belly laugh. Those are the types of moments I want more of. I what to soak them up for as long as I can.

Start Fresh

Since starting 2018 I’ve been an emotional mess, I just feel like life is happening so quick and all I want is for it so slow down. All of my goals for 2018 are centered on one goal – matters of the heart. As part of my getting back to the heart of things, I decided it was time to really think about my blog and the design of it. I work in social media marketing and web design and the design process comes easy for me when I’m working with a client. For me, it doesn’t work that way. I overthink my content, the layout, colors, my photography, etc. etc. I am my own worst critic.

I know one thing for sure – I want to create content. That is it. I don’t want to think about my layout or design for the remainder of the year. In the past, I’ve worked with a designer, I’ve designed my own, and I’ve used tons of template themes. I was just never truly happy. Being content leaves me in a place where I can’t create. I know that sounds silly but that is just how I tick. Moving forward, I wanted a new space, with a new layout, something different than I have ever tried, and I wanted the process and final decision to have good vibes only. I wanted to either design my own layout or support a designer that I felt good about. The decision was hard!

Final Decisions & Ramblings

I finally selected a layout and set up my new blog design. I jumped in and redesigned my logos and branding. I wanted a no-nonsense layout that I didn’t have to fuss over. I almost selected the most basic of blog layout because simply put – I just want to blog. Almost like a journal but the sidebar upkeep left me feeling kind of blah. I don’t want to have to rearrange images or keep a sidebar updated. I just want my photography to shine. My new layout is sans sidebar on the whole site and it felt weird at first. It is starting to grow on me. I guess we will see how the year goes!

Even as I type I am sitting here thinking – should I have selected the simple blog layout with a sidebar? I tried to go with my gut but boy oh boy our gut can be a tough one to figure out sometimes! When I first started blogging I always said I would never have a complicated site. I didn’t want a nonblogger to arrive at my site and think – Where do I click?

Anyway, I’m happy with the site, I don’t think is confusing, but it is different. Overall, I can’t wait to create! I don’t know if I will ever be 100% satisfied with my own content but I’m working to turn that flip off and just let my mind do what it loves – create. I plan to blog, create, express, teach some blog tips, and journal. I hope you find something you enjoy along the way!

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