Slow Down Busy Lady

I am sick and tired of being busy. Let me just get that out there for you real quick. I am sick and sick and tired and tired of being busy. At first, I thought it was just Spring fever. Maybe I just needed to take a weekend off and play outside. Nope, didn’t work. I’m tired of being busy. I used to take pride in being busy. I was so proud of myself because of how hard I work. Look at me, I’m sooo productive and busy. I take pride in my work and I’m always creating and have something I want to accomplish. My goal list is pretty intense.

I think working hard is just part of my DNA. I was raised by parents who worked hard both in and out of the home. My mother was a stay at home mom who I promise you was always doing something. My dad was equally as hardworking and always had his hands in some project. My parents weren’t idle people. I don’t remember them just relaxing and watching TV unless it was late at night. My point is, my family works dang hard. It’s just who we are. We get stuff done and we make sure it’s dang great when we are done.

I can remember when I was finally old enough to work. I was like dang, let’s do this and I started working. Now here I am as a 35-year-old woman working just as hard. I’m at the peak of my game.  Now here I am in present time working my life away. Here I am with a goal list the size of Texas. Dreams as big as the sky and I’m so ambitious and motivated that most days I feel like nothing can tame me. I’m on top of the world. I’m creating faster than you can blink. I’m working fulltime on two jobs (plus blogging). I’m in it to win it so move out of my way.

Let me add, I love both of my jobs. I’m an Associate Director in Higher Education and the owner of a Social Media Marketing and Web Design company. I’m in love with what I do each day. I can walk you through your Ph.D. with my eyes shut while marketing your small business or creating the website of your dreams. I’ve learned so much that it is completely priceless but here I am – tried. It finally hit, I am tired. My husband and I are the most ambitious people I’ve ever met. We can barely eat a burger without discussing opening a business. But I’m tired.

So now what? What do you do when you’re ambitious and tired? Heck if I know! I don’t have the answers to everything. All I can say is this is what I’m doing to rebalance my plate and get back on track. This is my plan of attack to reset my mind before I change my name, quit all my jobs, and have some kind of life crisis which hopefully doesn’t involve losing my amazing sense of style (laugh because that is meant to be funny).

Step back: I am stepping back and letting things be for a bit. My company is stable and can handle putting growth on hold. I’m not increasing my current client base for a bit.

No more business growth: I’m not putting my hands into any more major business ideas. Before I take on any more growth I’m going to balance and clean up what I’m currently involved in.

No more working on the weekends: I’m not sure how long I can keep that up but for now, my plan is to take the weekends off. This will allow me two days a week to unplug from work.

Unplug more: I’m also going to learn how to balance my day. I’m learning my workday can have a beginning and end. Most days I go home and work on and off until about 9p. I’m playing catchup, cleaning my house, blogging, talking with a client, or fixing a website issue. Enough is enough, my workday now gets an end time.

Me time: There is nothing wrong with some time to just be you. Right now I’m enjoying warm weather, sweet sunshine, and working on switching up my current fitness routines. I’m not looking to just sit on the couch but I don’t want to open my MacBook. You feel me?

Make a travel list: I’m ready to go see more places I haven’t seen. Get out there and just enjoy some beauty. I don’t know if it will be extensive travel or a vacation in my back yard with the sprinkler but I”m going to have more fun.

Riding it out: The best thing I know I can do is just ride this phase out. I won’t be sick and tired of being sick and tired forever. I’ll bounce back when I give myself some space to rest. I’m not going to just throw my hands up and quit everything. I’m simply learning that it is ok to hit that off siwtch sometimes baby.

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