Glitz & Glamour

Occasionally, things get fancy. I’m overall a casual woman, who in her mind, wants to dress up every day. In my mind, if I had it my way, I’d dress like it was at a Red Carpet event every day…

I'm Regina, I'm an entrepreneur, writer, and sort of a blogger. I'm a lover of beautiful words, all things vintage, and of times gone by. I hope you find something you love on this little space.

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Clear your Mind

Clear your mind. Everyone gives the same advice when they hear someone is stressed – just calm down and clear your mind. Sounds easy enough right? But what if you can’t clear your mind? What if you can’t turn off…


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I’m a Blogger

It’s no secret I had a blog meltdown. If it’s new news to you hope over and read this post. Well, I’m back and ready to tackle the blog world for another round. Why? Because I’m creative like that. You…

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