New Year 2018


New Year 2018

Another year has come and gone. Everyone says that right? Do you ever think – well yeah, that is how the calendar works. Just a pinch of sarcasm there. ha! Truthfully though, at the end of each year I find myself with a mixture of emotions. I’m a beautiful mix of happy, sad, yet strangely excited and anxious.

I’m happy a new year is approaching. I’m excited because a new year is coming and I have a clean slate to work with. It’s like a fresh beginning and a fresh start to whatever I want! Can’t beat that! At the same time, I’m sad a year is closing. I’m always a bit anxious because at this point in my life I’m shocked by how fast the years are flying by. Geez please slow down. I’m just starting to get a hang of this thing called life! I find that I want to soak up each moment like a big emotional sponge. I want each beautiful memory to be on repeat in my mind.

Life is such a beautiful balance and so is the balance of blogging. At the end of each year, I like to reflect on where I am as a blogger.

Back to the Heart of Blogging

I recently posted about getting back to the heart of blogging. As I plan content for the New Year I’m being mindful of where my blog is heading. I want to make sure I’m expressing my blog in a way that reflects my values. My blog is a mix of topics (thus the name) and I want to make sure my content brings me joy. My goal is less curated and more real. It is very easy to get caught up in the blog game, the numbers, the likes, the followers, engagement, brands, and the awful blogger comparison.  For 2018, my blog will be more real, less curated, but I still plan to show you awesome products and outfits I love.

More Real and Less Curated

I love when I see other women talk about real life. I recently found a blogger on Instagram who gave a peek into some of her photo bloopers and it was so relatable. I loved it! I don’t know if I’ll be showing you my crazy photo goofs but I’ll definitely be adding more real to my posts and I’ll be worrying way less about the tech and business side of blogging. All my energy is going into what makes me happy. Writing, expressing, learning, and creating.

I love to look at sales, thrift, put an outfit together. I love the feeling of being well-dressed and ready to take on my day. I also love to plan my blog content. The whole aspect of creating visually appealing content is such fun. These aspects are what make blogging fun. Behind the creativity, there is a downside. The tech and business side of blogging is work. Don’t think for a minute that blogging is easy because it definitely is work. It is so easy to let the tech and business side of it all take the fun out of creating. Each day and each post I’m learning balance. That is the beauty of it.

Speaking of realness, it took me over an hour to tape this dress to my breasts. Real talk, I gave up. My photographer, being the amazing multi-talented woman she is actually taped the dress for me. Thank you, Liz!

My values

While planning blog content I pay attention to visuals, balance, topics, etc. I also think out what I want to express through my content. I blog to create, express, and share with others. While sharing, my content needs to reflect my values. I’m a believer of so many things. I believe in miracles, faith, God, divine intervention, and the power of God. I often fail to express that love. I posted a few months back about how I want to make sure I have less me and more God in my life (post here). I’m here today reminding myself of that goal. For 2018, I’m placing more real and less curated on my blog. I’m thanking God for this life he has given me. I’m hugging my family more and overall taking time to be in the moment.

Outfit Details

Penelope Dress c/o of Tobi

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  1. Tonya wrote:

    These are great goals to have! Im excited to follow along with your content. Behind the scenes stuff and bloopers are my favorite! Pictures and videos that are relatable will always prevail!

    Posted 1.4.18 Reply
  2. I also love blogs that are more personal. Its so nice to be able to see all sides of a blogger that you love, it makes them more relatable. This is a really great way to approach blogging for the new year! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

    Posted 1.4.18 Reply
  3. I loved your “emotional sponge” line. I know I have told you this before but I really love these photos. Did you get a new photog?

    Posted 1.5.18 Reply
  4. Yesss to the more real and leas curated! These days I feel like so much is staged that it has lost its authenticity! Love the dress on you and great story!

    Posted 1.5.18 Reply