Get out of your own way

If these images look familiar don’t think you’re crazy. I’ve posted these before and here I am posting them again. Why? Well, funny story. ha! Due to an issue with my host, I lost the last two months of content. This really hurts my heart because I wrote a couple really beautiful posts that I’ll never see again. Sigh. Anyway! Here I am with a new post for you. So same images but new content. We can call this blog recycling simply for the sake of being positive and all that jazz.

So the other day while mindlessly browsing Pinterest I came across this really nice quote. The quote was “get out of your own way”. This powerful little phrase hit me hard. My internal dialogue was all like – Girl, what if you got out of your own way?? I wonder how many times I’ve limited my own progress? I wonder how many times I’ve been negative to myself or simply just failed to encourage myself? It can be so easy and natural to have negative internal dialogue.

I often feel as though we are encouraged through every form of media to improve some area of ourselves. What if we quit that garbage? Of course, I want to grow and change for the better as a person. My point is, what if I spent more time encouraging myself instead of limiting or trying to create some better version of myself? My answer is simple – Pure magic! I think great things would happen! I don’t negative self-talk a ton but when I do I feel like I’m rough on myself. I have high expectations set for me as a person.

I’m ambitious and when things don’t go as planned I get disappointed in myself. I think disappointment is natural and it’s important to spend some time reflecting. But don’t live in the mess. if I mess up I want to dust the dirt off and learn and grow from the experience. We’re living and growing every single day even if we’re sulking in whatever mess we’ve made. For me, I want to spend more time encouraging myself. When I fail, I want to spend some time being kind to myself. When I succeed, I want to be just as kind. I don’t want to be selfish, but I want to treat me with the same respect I treat others.

When was the last time I walked up to someone and said – Ah sucks to suck, you totally failed at that! or Yeah, that outfit makes you look huge. I’ll tell you when, never. What is the moral here? Be kind to yourself. Give yourself some respect through positve internal dialogue. Just get out of your own way and see how amazing you are.

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