Get a Grip with Kenra

Get a grip on your styling routine. Sounds like I’m yelling at you huh? I’m not, but it would be really fun to yell “get a grip!” at someone.  I’m all about hair care and even though I’m loyal to a few great products it’s fun to try new things. I previously collab’d with Kenra and I’m excited to collaborate again (post here). Pictured is the new Kenra Grip Collection I received c/o of Kenra. Kenra partnered with Steph Brinkerhoff to create the Kenra Grip Collection. Steph Brinkerhoff is a social media star (@hairandmakeupbysteph) and professional up-styling educator famous for wedding updos. The whole collection is designed to easily recreate the textured bridal hairstyles that Steph is famous for. (makes me wish I had a wedding ceremony. *sniff).

The collection consists of three airy, lightweight styling and finishing products that provide superior definition, all over volume, and all day hold. Can we high-five now? Seriously, all day volume? I need all day volume in my life. My hair quickly goes flat and loses any and every style I try within an hour. True Story.

The Kenra Grip Collection

  • Air Grip Spray 5 ($17, 5 oz.): Instantly provides 50% more grip to hair. The ultra-lightweight formula allows for superior definition and all over volume, while still providing a flexible hold.
  • Whip Grip Mousse 9 ($17, 8 oz.): Featuring an airy, whipped formula, Whip Grip Mousse 9 provides three times more volume without leaving hair stiff.
  • High Grip Spray 20 ($19, 8 oz.): Get 24-hour hold and superior definition with an ultra-lightweight formula.

I’m really excited about these products. Heck, if my hair holds curl for more than an hour I’ll be happy. Stay tuned!

Product Availability: Available at Ulta starting April 2017


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