Exuviance Microdermabrasion Face Polish

Microdermabrasion, this is a new topic for me on the blog. I’ve collaborated with Exuviance before on a couple different face products and I’m excited to collaborate again on a new product. Exuviance recently sent me the Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish to try out. This face polish is their latest anti-aging product. It works through a triple action approach to skin renewal with a unique blend of physical, chemical and enzymes exfoliates. These ingredients work to deliver instant skin resurfacing benefits. Now, I’m not going to lie. Microdermabrasion scares me a bit. A year or so ago I was really into manual Microdermabrasion (a brush type tool) until I went a bit hard and my face was red for about a week or so. yikes. My skin can be very sensitive at times so I try to be careful and gentle, but sometimes I forget and go hard.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion

I’ve talked in the past about how much I’ve enjoyed having professional facials done. The results have been awesome! This product works a bit similar to products that are sometimes used in my facials. I sometimes have a papaya and Glycolic Acid peel done and although it burns, my face looks so refreshed afterward. Exuviance face polish contains Papaya Enzyme and Glycolic Acid to help clear congested pores, loosen dead skin cells, as well as lessen dull and dry patches. The difference between the facials I’ve had done and this product is the use of professional grade crystals that smooth the skin. That part is new to me, the only other experience I have is with the device I was a bit too rough with.

Exuviance suggests using the face polish once or twice a week. The product directions are to apply a thin even layer to clean wet skin, lightly massage in a circular motion for 30 seconds, avoid the eye area, and do not scrub. Leave on for up to 2 minutes (or 1 minute for sensitive skin). Thoroughly rinse with warm water and gently pat dry. Follow with a serum or moisturizer. If you have sensitive skin or haven’t tried Microdermabrasion before, I suggest starting slow and being very gentle with your skin. Facial skin is delicate so be gentle. Also, since this product contains pure professional grade crystals used by dermatologists to smooth skin, I won’t be using it more than once every other week on my skin.

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