Back to the Heart of it All

The Heart of Blogging and Why I’m a Blogger

I’ve been blogging for a couple of years and I’ve learned an invaluable amount from it. Some of it has been great and some of it has been just eh. But overall, I love every once of what I’ve learned and I’ve been able to apply the knowledge to so many areas of my life.¬† One thing I’ve learned that stands out in my mind the most is how I want to blog. In other words, why did I start blogging and what type of blogger do I want to be.

I’ve talked a ton about this topic and here we are – talking about it again. Why? Because I find that I need to remind myself from time to time why I’m here. Bring it back to home so to speak. So why am I here? Because I want to share information. Like I’ve always said. We live in a world where we take information from others all the time. We hop on Pinterest and we gather ideas, we go to social media for everything¬† fun, food, and fashion. I don’t want to just take information and not give something back. I know that sounds sort of silly but this how I really feel.

Also, I love to share my life experiences. I think if we share our experiences with others we will realize that we are all alike in many ways. I’ll be honest though, I’ve struggled to open up. It is hard to share your life with others. Yes, I know no one is twisting my arm to share and I can stop at any time. But while I’m here sharing away, there is a vulnerability to it all. A beautiful mix of fear, satisfaction, and relieve to just blog about a topic that is in my heart. I’ve enjoyed it so much!

I’ve learned, I’ve shared, I’ve collaborated with brands I love, and at times I have loved and hated it all in the same day. So here I am at the closing of another year and I’m taking time to reflect and review what type of blogger I want to be.

Back to the Heart of it All

  • I want to be a blogger that shares, is real, honest, approachable, and fun
  • I want to share what I’ve learned, what worked, and what didn’t work
  • I don’t want to shove sales down your throat every day but I will share a good deal and the outfits I’m wearing
  • I want to share my life experiences in hope that someone out there enjoys or needs it somehow
  • I want to share more real life and less curated life

In summary, I’m getting back to the heart of it all. The real life and not the curated life. I’m just going to be me, the real me. It is so easy to get caught up in brands, image, SEO, etc. You know the business and tech side of blogging. Especially since I work in this area. I just want to blog and let the rest fall into place. I don’t want to blog sloppy, I just want to enjoy the process more. That is the best way I can explain it. I hope you keep coming back and I hope you find something you love on this little space.

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